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This is not quite fresh news but I discovered it lately.
Since I m cyclist too, I was surprised with that information.

I.e. news said that cyclists who wear helmets are more likely to be hit by vehicles than those without, says new research.
Drivers pass closer when overtaking cyclists wearing helmets than when overtaking bareheaded cyclists.

Dr Ian Walker, a traffic psychologist, conducted research, during which he was driving his bike with and without helmet. He was stroked twice by bus and truck, and both time he had his helmet on.
He had no problems without helmet.

Most critical were long vehicles, precisely buses and trucks. The average car passed 4.4 feet away from the bike, whereas the average truck got 7.5 inches closer and the average bus 9 inches closer.

Also, he concluded that female bikers have extra space in traffic. To test and prove that, Walker attached a long wig and whilst wearing the wig, car drivers gave him an average of 5.5 inches more space when passing.

Well, I never was a helmet fan. :?


wow this is very interesting news. When I drive regardless helmet or no helmet I always drive extra careful.


Wow...that is very interesting!!! I feel safer with a helmet. I was hit by a car not wearing a helmet however...but I was crossing in front of a car that I thought saw me that didn't...I survived with no head injury. Lucky!!!



I'm curious as to how he got the measurements. I'd also like to see how well controlled his experiment was.

Even if everything is accurate in the article, it does NOT mean you should ride without a helmet. This addresses only the issue of being hit from behind, which is one of the less common ways of being hit on a bike.