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Hello everybody. 2 years ago I had a tubal ligation and since I have gained a lot of weight (especially the last year). Before the tubal ligation I was thin and no matter how much I ate, I couldn't gain a pound.

I have been to many doctors and I have checked my hormones (estrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH) as well as my thyroid MANY TIMES during the last 2 years.

My hormones and my thyroid are fine, and there is nothing wrong.

I have read about tubal ligation syndrome, but all these side effects after tubal happens BECAUSE OF A HORMONAL IMBALANCE  and I don't have any.,

Why am I gaining soooo much weight??

What about you that gained weight after tubal? Do you have hormonal imbalance or do the blood tests come back normal as mine do?

Thank you in advance


I had a tubal done in February of this year (2013), and its now October and I have gained almost 20 pounds.  I am the weight I was when I was pregnant, 21 years ago, and I am NOT happy about it.  I used to be able to exercise and eat what I wanted to eat, and be fine, but now, I guess I will have to start watching what I eat.  It HAS to be side-effects, of the tubal, because I have never rapidly gained this much weight.  My stomach has a pouch now too. I'm still happy that I got it done, though.  HORMONE FREE!