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I am so glad to see all the other postings about this. I have felt like I'm going crazy - mood swings, achy joints, numb leg, low libido, incontinance and horrible periods although I guess I could have it worse after reading what others are going through. Sounds like there is the threat of other things down the road which really makes me mad. >;)

I have kidney disease, although I am thankfully not on dialysis, however, my first pregnancy was high risk and I was advised not to have more children. I first had a IUD to prevent pregnancy but that send me into major mood swings and hormonal imbalance so I had it taken out. I think had an accidental preganancy and everyone freaked out and I had to abort the child and had a tubal ligation. As if it wasn't hard enough to lose a child but now I'm suffering all these uncontrolable symptoms that have affected my marriage and other relationships. I'm currently an anti-depressant for the 14 days prior to my period with some hormone replacement. It's only been a few months and I'm not convinced it is helping.

We all need to help other women be more informed before embarking down the road to this procedure. It is scary the range of side-effects out there. Check out for the Coalition of Post Tubal Ligation - PTS (Post Tubal Syndrome) is serious stuff and doctors are not doing enough to inform women about the side-effects. This is tragic for the over 140 million women who have this procedure.


:( :(