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I’ve been diagnosed with gastroparesis two years ago and ever since then I’ve lost more or less 30kg. I feel and look like a walking skeleton, but given my condition, I can barely eat any food at all and the foods I can eat without causing me nausea are generally not all that rich in calories. That’s why I  was hoping someone on here could help me with some ideas on how to gain weight, no matter if you’re suffering from gastroparesis or not.

So far I’ve tried including protein shake daily to my diet, but I feel that alone is not going to be enough for me to gain some significant weight.

Thanks, Annie


I have been to a dietician who suggested that I get most of my calories from liquid/semi liquid foods.  If dairy is aproblem for you, this won't be helpful.   But if you can tolerate dairy products, yogurt works really well for me.  I can drink milk, milkshakes, kefir.  Ice cream stays down.  Most meats and fiberous foods are a problem.  And dietician suggested lots of small meals 5 or 6 times a day, instead of 3bigger meals a day.  For me - a bowl of cereal with lots of milk for breakfast, yogurt with really easy to digest shortbread cookies for lunch, usually something with peanuts or peanut butter after school, then very small solid food with family in evening - which sometimes works and somtimes doesnt.add we