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hey... janet here.. I'm 5'8 about 220 lbs.. and ive been trying real hard to lose weight now for almost 8 months... i just had a baby girl a little over a year ago.. and during my pregnancy i gained a tonnnn of weight and much of it stuck with me after she was born, and since then the hubby has been bothering me non stop about my new weight problem... so after a few months of that, it really started getting to me, plus summer is about here- and i love the beach! So i decided to try and do something about it... ive tried almost every diet system out there... the standard eat less-exercise more diet, south beach, atkins, slimfast, weight watchers, etc... and nothing so far has really worked well for me.... But ive recently come across this diet that a couple of my girlfriends put me onto that said worked amazing for them like nothing else has.... so i checked it out, it looks really good and they hav a full money back guarentee.. and im thinking about signing up for it.. but i first wanted to get some 3rd or 4th opinions on it... their website is.. Has anyone ever personally tried this program?? Any advice comments opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!!

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Hi there, is this a repost? I noticed that this thread was the same as one that was posted way back in May. Did you not get any answers to your questions last time? IS there something that's causing you any issues? Thanks :-)