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I have been taking effexor for a couple years and have gained way too much weight. Dieting and exercise are not helping. I am considering taking phentermine (an appetite suppressant prescription drug) to help to lose the weight. Has anyone tried this? Any comments on whether or not it will work? I wanted comments before I visit the doctor to get a prescription.


I have been on effexor for almost five years! At first I was about 120-125 and stayed that way for awhile. I ended up feeling like the effexor wasn't working anymore and fell into a bad state of depression! I ended up gaining 50lbs in less than a year. I was a size 3 now I am a 12.

I tried exercise... starvation.... no carbs... weight watchers... every diet under the sun! I ended up asking my doctor about Phentermine! I have been on it for one month as of tomorrow and I have lost about 10lbs without any form of exercise!! I am very happy so far with it. Now that I am going into my second month I am really going to work out hard! The only thing I didn't like was for the first two weeks I felt like I was a ball of energy and I was very restless. Luckily that stopped and I am back to my normal self!!!