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I am very interested in using acuputure for weight loss. I have used it for pain management and have been very pleased. Is acuputure very effective for weight loss?


There's a very good reason (or at least plausible reason) why acupuncture would work for pain - pain is a nervous system issue, and acupuncture is designed to trigger the nervous system.

Weight loss is about burning fat, increasing metabolism, and exercise, so before you spend a lot of money on it for that reason, I'd suggest you consider more natural and less expensive treatments.

By all means enjoy new age (I have a background, so I'm not being a cynic) treatments, and borderline scientific/new age such as acupuncture, but for some things, it's simple chemistry: pack too much fat, you're overweight, burn it off, you're slim.

Try treating eating as dating: did you sleep with every guy that asked you? On the first date?

If you were coy with the most important man in your life, (or partner, whatever), why can't you be coy with a bar of chocolate, or a cake.

"Darling, you look so handsome, I only wish I could join you - why don't we make a date for next week?"

Look forward to it, dress up for it. Have fun with it.

Acupuncture has its adherents and can be effective. Personally, in this instance, I'd say there's a better way.