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Here goes. I've had gotten oral a few times(non-protected) and intercourse just once, with a condom of course. And I didn't suspect anything since the girls I've been with have seemed clean although I have no background information about them. It's been at least a 7months since I've been with those girls or longer. I didn't think too much of it.

I guess I haven't noticed anything and I went on vacation last month and hooked up with a random girl overseas, she gave me oral(non-protected) and vaginal(protected), being a bit paranoid after-wards I started examining my privates(the day after since I was showering) and I see that on the left side of my ****-head theirs a red mark, it doesn't hurt nor does it itch, it's just there and it isn't going away since it's been about 2 months now.

I attached a few pictures but it's not too clear. I don't seem to have any "symptoms" IE: Hurting while peeing or getting really itchy or more then one mark on my private areas. What do you think this is and should I be worried about it? Or Is it just a teeth mark? I've only had intercourse once and it was with a condom, however I've had oral about 5 times without.

Thanks, I'm really worried and scared of having a q-tip pushed into my....yeah... :-(

I'm 22 and Uncut(if that matters)

Here are some of the pictures I took with my camera, although a bit blurry. NSFW and they are just of my genitals. JPG JPG JPG JPG JPG JPG


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