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I have asked two different doctors about the following problem but neither was concerned about it.

But about 10 years ago, I coughed up a dime size glob. It was a solid mass (not phlegmy) but, soft and squishy. It was whitish in colour and smelled bad, like bad breath.

Then it didn't happen again for along time.

But for the last five years, sometimes when I cough and my throat is really irratated I expell whitish globs that are very tiny and soft. Similar to what I have already mentioned but small, like poppy seeds and sometimes in clusters. It also smells like bad breath. Now it doesn't happend often, maybe averages once a month.

But this past weekend, I again coughed up a large size one, about 1/2 size of a dime this time.

Any ideas what it can be?


its prolly tobsil stones.. google it for info