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Hi all. 

In the last year or two I gained a lot of extra weight. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying this weight loss supplement called Atro-Phex. 

This guy that works with my sister is using it and he is very satisfied with the results. He had a lot of extra weight last time I saw him. My sister says he got rid of half of it since then. If that’s true, he made an amazing progress. 

Now I’m about to buy Atro Phex, but before I do that, I’d like to know what are the side effects of this product?


Hello. I used Atro Phex before and I wasn’t really satisfied with the results. I didn’t lose any pounds, and I’ve used it long enough.

I didn’t have any side effects though. That was the only good thing about it. I know a guy who allegedly lost 28 pounds with this product and he’s been complaining about some side effects that include jitteriness and excitability. This never happened to me even though I was warned it may happen.

I’m not familiar with any other side effects of Atro Phex, if I find something else on the internet regarding this, I’ll let you know.



The only thing I know about the side effects of Atro Phex is that it can speed up your heart.
I am not just saying this, you may not find it on the internet but it is true.
I’d rather if I didn’t know this, but I do. And here is how. My father wanted to use it. He was very persistent even though my mother and I tried to convince him not to.
After he old that idea to our family doctor, he freaked out.
He said that since my dad has been having heart problems for years, he could literally have a stroke after taking Atro Phex.


 Jitteriness and excitability are the only side effects I am familiar with when it comes to Atro Phex. 

But I’ve been told that those are supposed to be very rare. 

And it is true that it speeds up the heart. That is why it is highly recommended for people who have  a pre-existing heart condition (like heart arrythmia) to avoid using it. 

It is all because of one of the Atro Phex’s main ingredients- bitter orange. This ingredient can speed up your heart and it can accelerate high blood pressure. So if you have any heart abnormalities stay away from it.