I believe my boyfriend of a year is bipolar. I wish he would recognize the problem and go to see a Dr. but that's a topic for a seperate post.

What I'm curious about is ... what are some of the "triggers" that can cause the shift between a manic and depressive episode?

After a year of watching the back and forth with him I have noticed some things that seem to be triggering the switch. I guess I figure maybe I can help more if I anticipate the mood swing. For him it seems that change in schedule is a big one - being in college the end of the semester is unavoidable and it always seems to send him into the depressive mood. Also spending too much time with his family/at his house, or in "isolation". Though maybe that's more of a symptom of the depressed mood, I don't know.

Anyway, thank you to anyone that can share personal experiences or knowledge about what sorts of things can act as triggers!