Hello I've been reading these so many posts about relationships with bipolar partners and I noticed they mainly don't last more than a year so I decided to write mine. Here's my story with my bipolar bf of 6 years in which ended few days ago I met my ex bf when I was in university..we fell madly in love and cared for each other..he told me he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it didn't matter to me cuz he was amazing so I read more on it and educated myself..I considered him my best friend, lover and partner ..I know he is my soulmate as I've never felt like this before ..he was my first and only love..he graduated before me and we had a long distance relationship visiting each other and always talking everyday for 6 years ..it wasn't easy at all ..we went through alot during that time ..he had several manic and depressive episodes and I recognized all the symptoms ..he has been medicated for years but everytime the episodes occurs he would break up with me and breaks my heart. It happened at least once a year during our relationship and I always reached back ..I always fought for us ..even when it's painful and hurtful ..I believed in him and us with all my heart and wanted to be there for him ..to support him We talked about having a future together ..and we were getting engaged ..we are both from different countries ..but it didn't matter at all since they are neighboring countries. He talked to his mom and told her about us ..she wouldn't accept me cuz I'm from a different country with different culture..he told her how I understand him and supports him but she still didn't care ..in his culture he can't fight his family to accept us ..he can't force me on him even thou there's nothing wrong with me except being from a different country. He tries for several months until he started to hate his family ..to resent them ..and he broke up with me few days ago saying we don't have a future ..after 6 years he breaks my heart and shatter it into pieces ..he has been experiencing some mood swings during that time ..feeling pressured ..frustrated and overwhelmed ..he still loves me and he knows we will be happy together ..but he chose to give up on us ...on our future together ...I feel devastated ..hurt ..empty and numb ..I don't know what to do anymore ..I'm tired of fighting for us ..immediately tired but I don't want anyone else besides him cuz we connect on a really high level ..so cheesy as it may sounds ..I always felt n knew we were meant to be ...but i don't know what to do anymore ...can someone please gives me an advice? Is the stress causing him to act out n that he's having an episode ..is this actually his own decision to end us after 6 years ..even if he says it's not an episode ..sometimes he can't recognize all of that ..he kept saying we ended up when we started the long distance relationship ..but we met alot during that time and I know our feelings didn't change ...he kept telling me to move on to meet someone else as if It's something I can do after falling for him ..he kept apologizing ..saying he did this to me ...he broke me and I'm confused ..tired ..heartbroken