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I like open water swimming. I dont like the idea of doing it on my own and I have no intention of dragging a non-swimmer with me to baby-sit either. I used to swim 3 km across a lake a couple of times but there was always somebody around me in a boat. In the summer I was at sea and marveling at some guy who was swimming across the bay. He was all alone and there is probably some 7 km across the bay. Would you do something like that? What are the best open water locations?


The best location is the one you like best. However there are few things to think about. Don't swim in open water unless you are a competent swimmer. I used to swim parallel to the shore as I enjoy long swimming. It's just as satisfying. Unless you are in a really good form breast stroke is by far the best for swimming in open water. If it's early (or late) in the season and the water is below 15degC always enter slowly. Never jump and dive in as the shock of sudden immersion in cold water can cause heart attack. It's best not to swim alone. Don't show off. It's all very nice swimming across the bay, but keep in mind that you've got to make it to the other side! Never dive unless there's adequate depth and the water's clear enough for you to see to the bottom. Swimming in canals or dirty ponds is something you should never do. If you are new to the area, check with the locals.