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hi, ive been suffering with hidradenitis supperateva (hs) for 8 years now and am very much over weight!!! my condition limits any physical excersise apart from a 10 minute walk anything more and i end up in agony for days.... can any body please give me any diet tips to loose weight with minimal excersise? im getting married next march and would love to loose at least 2 dress sizes. thanks


Look, one of the biggest hidradenitis suppurativa causes definitely are the bad habits when it comes to the food. I know that as far as weight loss goes with this issue, I would always say that if one is obese, weight loss is a good thing. So, you really need to try hard to lose your weight, but since you have this issue, I don't know, maybe your immunity is weaker and you need to consult someone who is an expert in this area.  I know that one lady find a paleo diet very helpful, but as I said, that was in her case.