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I was having issues with my bladder. Urgency, discomfort. I assumed it was a bladder infection. A few days later (today) I was in a lot of pain and could see blood in my urine. I went to a clinic at a pharmacy after work. They did a urine analysis and the nurse practitioners or whatever she is said it was odd that there were red blood cells in my urine but no white blood cells. She also said there was protein in my urine. She gave me an antibiotic. Does anyone know why there was red but know white. I thought that it it was an infection there would be white blood cells. Should I be concerned about the protein too?


It depends. Each person is different. In your case, you may have injury to the internal organs such as urethra, kidneys or bladder. Normally, no red blood cells would be visible nor any trace of protein in the urine.