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I am 17 years old, and sexually active. 
Last month, I had a strain of illnesses from pink eye to a really bad cold that lasted for two weeks. I got my period right around when I had expected to, but it was weird. It was a brownish color, not chunky or anything, just oddly colored. It was lighter than normal too, I usually have an extremely heavy flow. It wasn't super light, just lighter than normal for me. I am extremely thin, my weight varies between 97 and 93 pounds normally (I am not this thin by choice, it runs in my family and I have a generally small build), and sometimes this causes my periods to be off, especially when I'm sick. Illness always takes a hard toll on my body. Besides all this, I have been extremely stressed out lately due to school finals and other things, to the point where I have frequent panic attacks (also common with me, I have high anxiety). Lately I have been feeling and looking pretty bloaty, and experiencing slight cramping. My friend told me it is probably just me ovulating, which would make sense, but i'm not sure. Because of the fact that I am sexually active (with my boyfriend of almost two years, and we ALWAYS use a condom, though I AM NOT on birth control. I plan to get on it as soon as I turn 18) this strange period and bloaty feeling are making me pretty nervous. We have not had any scares in recent months, no broken condoms or condoms coming off, so there's really no reason for me to be scared. I am though.
My question is this:

Is this strange period the cause of being sick or stressed, or a combination of both?
Is the bloating most likely just ovulations?
What are the chances of being pregnant?



Dear Shaaaannn,

Gurl u is not prego....i know ur worried and hunny believe me i went through the same thing but if you and ur boyfreind always use the condom correctly and it does not break or slip, u aint prego. Now the brown discharge that you are talking about it probablly due to that your period is coming and that you are ovulating, but u shouldent worry about it. if you are i highly suggest that you go to your doctor or take a home pregnancy test but gurl im so sure that u is not prego.  your period is just weird some how which causin u 2 b sick....iunno but im pretty sure....i took sex ed