Now is the time to evaluate your 2008 season. Look at your training and determine what worked and what didn t. Having a training log will help you see your fitness progression throughout the year. Do you need to improve your speed, endurance, strength on hills, mental focus, recovery, weight loss, upper body and core strength, race strategy, nutrition, hydration, flexibility, and race preparation? You can seek out resources to increase your training and racing knowledge. Read magazines, books and seek out a coach to give you a different perspective and some accountability. It is also helpful to evaluate areas of your personal and professional life, because problems there will be a detriment to your training and racing. Some people use athletics to run from their problems. Another great asset is a club or training group. These groups can help with structure, feedback, knowledge and expertise. From those groups you might develop a training partner that would a source of encouragement and accountability. Evaluate your past years and make the next one better