On August 1 I came on What was suppose to be my period but it was very lighter than usual and more spotting then ever... It came on and off until the 3rd of August. then it just stopped. A week later I took a blood test and it came back negative. On September 1 I came back on what was suppose to be my period and once again it was just spotting and it last up til the 4th of this month. Now on september 26 I started back spotting and it's been lasting up until today which is the 28th.... I took a test yesterday and it came up negative. Could it be anything else that could explain what's been going on with me because my periods is always heavy and on time and these last two months it just been funny. In the last two months i have had unprotected sex but we been using the pull out method... I took a blood test last month and a pregnancy test two days ago and they both came back negative.. I haven't been stressing so idk what could be the problem... Do anyone know???