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Has anyone ever heard of the "eat to your meter" and "controlled carb regimes?"  This is an interesting type of thing to look into.  You just see what your blood sugar runs, and depending on what the readiing is is what you eat in carbs.  If it is high, you don't eat as much carb, from what I can tell from the plan.  Has anyone else heard of this? 


I had never heard of this until I read your post!  I had to do a little of my own research to find out exactly what the "eat to your meter" meant, and what it entails.  So I am a bit skeptical about the whole thing.  The concept is to take your blood sugar before a meal.  If it is running at a low BG, you can add a carbohydrate, like a bread, to your planned meal.  If it is normal you might not do anything but it the planned carbs for the meal, but if it is high, you wouldn't have anything but straight protein.  You can choose between 15 to 50 grams of carbs a day to eat and control your blood sugar.  I am worried about people, especially severe diabetics, going into diabetic ketoacidosis with this type of diet.  You should stay with how many carbs that your doctor or dietician had outlined for you to take for your meals.  This way you can avoid DK and have enough carbs to get you through the day and supply you with the appropriate amount of energy.  Extreme low carb diets really are not safe for diabetics, in my opinion.

Has anyone else heard of the "Eat to your Meter" way of controlling blood sugars?  Have you been on this type of eating plan?  Does eating to your meter been successful in helping you control blood sugars without any complications?