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My son has certain problems with his spine because he is sedentary because he studies a lot and is constantly in front of his PC. A physical therapist advised him to take up swimming. Now I’d like you to tell me what swimming gear he will need. I thought that swimming suit was the only necessary equipment. Thanks in advance.


Since your son is taking up swimming as part of physiotherapy, he’ll need only basic gear for the beginning. I’d just like to add that swimming is great for any muscular and skeletal disorders. My favorite brand is Speedo and I usually wear their swimsuits and other equipment, but I think that Arena is also good. He doesn’t have to buy pro gear. He can swim in briefs or if he feels more comfortable in a jammer. Another important and inevitable piece of equipment are goggles, because they protect eyes from chlorine and splashing water. In order to prevent water coming into his ears, there are earplugs. I’d also suggest wearing a swim cap to protect hair from various chemicals. A pair of flops and a towel when he gets out of the pool are the last items that are necessary for the beginning.