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Hi. I'm 29 year old male.
About four days ago I started to suffer from really strong pain located in my right upper quadrant of my abdomen.
In the beginning pain was mild and I could live through day with it but with time- pain just get stronger and stronger and started to interrupt my daily activities.
One friend of mine who is studying medicine told that this kind of pain is often connected with abnormalities of gall bladder and some condition called dysfunction of Oddi sphincter.
What is this and should I be concerned about it?


I was diagnosed with this disease about a year ago and I know some crucial facts about it.
You probably don’t even know what Oddi sphincter is?
The sphincter of Oddi is situated in the upper intestine, or duodenum, at the site where the pancreatic and bile ducts enter the duodenum.
In most cases it is caused by presence of stone in biliar ducts.
This could be very serious condition because it can cause acute pancreatitis.
This condition requires surgical treatment. Occasionally it is necessary to do a surgical bypass to insure that drainage is effective.
You should contact your gastrologist because with ultra sound or x-rays he will be sure what is the cause of the obstruction and what could be next step in relieving your symptoms.




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