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My mother had her gallbladder removed a little over a year ago. For the past few weeks she has pressure in her upper right abdomen under her ribs and it extends to the side. She says it feels like when she had gallstones. Question.... Can you still have "gall stones" w/o a gallbladder? Any other ideas what it could be? Thanx!


The pressure your mother feels is just the natural consequence of having the gallbladder removed as the pains occur in the right upper quadrant abdominal which is pain just under the rib cage on the right side. She can still get the gallstones even without a gall bladder as the liver still produces the bile salts and sends them down to the duodenum. While the bile salts pass through the ducts, they can crystallize and form gallstones in the ducts and cause inflammations and infections and require surgery. 80% of them are made of crystalised cholesterol and 20% of crystalised calcium. These come from excess cholesterol and calcium that the liver just dumps down to the gallbladder that is not there anymore. If the cholesterol and calcium that the liver produces is not there anymore, the incidence of crystalisation will also be reduced.


If she has had every gastro intestinal test known to man and they are all reading normal and she is being told it's all in her head and to go on drugs, have her see a Colo rectal surgeon.

I had laparoscopic gall bladder surgery 2 years ago.
The pain never went away and only got worse.
Had 2 exploratory surgeries that made things even worse.
Now I have a diagnosis:
It is either Cecal Bascule (cecum flips up on itself) or Cecal Volvulus (cecum and right intestine twised).
It took me 2 long years of pain to finally be directed to a Colo-Rectal Surgeon.
If one is prone to a MOBILE CECUM, abdominal surgeries can cause these nightmarish conditions.

My advice - see a Colo-rectal Surgeon ASAP to rule out these possible problems. They will not go away with time or drugs - only specialized surgery will help.

NO ONE and NO WEBSITE ever mentions this problem - you must know what it is, before you can find out more about it, and it's more common than anyone realizes.

I now have some hope I might get my life back and can stop thinking of suicide.

Good Luck.