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Good day folks, I found yesterday that Leptoprin diet pills better work for woman than for man. My brother wants to try those pills, because he is really fat now, and he needs to lose his weight soon. Even his doctor told him to do that. He told him that he needs to lose up to 30 kilograms for three or four months.

So, someone told him about Leptoprin, and I told him that I believe that this one can't work so good for him. 

Am I right? What do you think, should he find some other solution or Leptoprin is just fine for him? He is 42 years old. 


Hello, I believe that your brother can use Leptorpin and he can expect to lose some pounds fast. But, I know that this one works better for woman than for men, because me and my husband were using them at the same time, and I saw some progress very soon, even before him.

I don't know, he can use it, but I also recommend him  consult his doctor, that is the best option.. What diet he needs to follow, what pills he can use. It is a short time and a lot of pounds.

I hope that he can do that.

Wish him good luck! 



Hello there,

Thank you very much. I will definitely tell him about all of these experience, and I really hope that he is going to be smart and go to consult his doctor as well :) I know a lot of guys who were trying to lose their pounds using Leptoprin diet pills and of course, they were following some diet. I don’t know any of those guys who actually have lost a lot of their pounds thanks to Leptoprin.

So, I also believe that I definitely need to tell him to try to find some other medicine and that is it :) He also wants to exercise a lot, so he will go to the gym every day.

We will see about that.

Thank you!