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hi i am 16

1.when i ejaculate there is a discharge of my "cum" without any contraction the semen and sperms just drains out just like when i am peeing but it is not a premature discharge

2.and then there is a contraction when the sperms and semen shoots out and then it keeps on contracting just like normal.

the 2. one is i know normal but i am a bit worried about the 1. one i have noticed it from my last 2 ejaculations in a row one just few minutes before and one yesterday,

it is not pre ejaculatory fluid either

it is "cum"

and it just drains out just like my urine does but it donnot have any power during an orgasm before the first contraction

and after the ejaculation my urethra was hurting a little bit

please!!! help.....


I think you should see a doctor.. you may have an infection of some type.