I had a bowel resection 8 weeks ago. Surgeon removed part of jejunum and part of ileum. I'm dealing with short bowel syndrome. Taking Creon 24000 caps to help with fat digest  on. Desperately trying to find food that I can tolerate. Eat 2 scrambled eggs and white toast for breakfast. 2 oz. organic deli turkey on white bread for lunch and 3 oz oc grass fed beef patty along with either baked potato, white rice or orzo for dinner. Usually have oatmeal as my snack. Tried peanut butter, but that will not stay with me. My malabsorbtion issues are causing my hair to fall out and my teeth are shifting. I do take a multi vitamin, calcium supplement and probiotic. Dairy has been hard to digest even with Lactaid tablets. Desperately trying to find something that may help me. I've been working with nutritionist, but she doesn't have any ,ore suggestions than to go back to doctor. Has anyone experienced a similar situation?