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I'm 15 I'm a boy and I'm bord of using my hand I want something like it will be like a real vagina but I cant buy fleshlights or condoms so help


Large plastic cup

large latex glove

2 sponges, large enough to make it a squeeze when you put them in the cup

lube of some kind


Put the glove between the sponges with about 2 inches of the wrist hanging out.  Stuff the glove and sponges in the cup.  Add lube.  If the sponges and cup are each the right size... well, you'll know.


Alternatively, use lube, a large plastic bag, some lube, and a couch: cut the ziploc portion of the bag off, add lube, place between couch and cushions.  Hump away.  Maybe have a towel underneath for any lube or "stuff" that falls out.