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I am thinking about getting pregnant.  I have type 1 insulin dependent diabetes.  My mom says I better not get pregnant or I will die from carrying a baby.  I think that is bogus.  I don't see women dying on the news from diabetes, or do they and we don't hear about it?  I will do anything to have a baby.  My boyfriend is very supportive as are my friends.  I am afraid to say anything to my doctor because he might say somethign about it to my mom.  I am 20 years old and my mom can't stop me but I want to make sure that I can carry a healthy baby.  Any one know taht for sure?


Hello, Guest!  Your mom would have been right around 20 years ago.  Women with type 1 diabetes back as soon as 20 years ago were told it was too dangerous to have a baby.  I know of a friend in the 1980s that wanted a child so bad but couldn't because of her diabetes.  There was a mortality rate for the unborn baby of over 50% in type 1 diabetic mothers who tried to carry a baby full-term.  Now with the advances in maternal-fetal care, insulin therapy, and neonatal care, the percentage is extremely low.  Now, any type 1 diabetic woman can carry a child safely by having an insulin pump. You will be just fine having a baby under the care of a competent ob/gyn.  Since your hormones will cause your blood sugar to elevate, the pump will be essential to help manage your blood glucose. 

Are there other type 1 diabetic mothers who would like to share their experiences of having healthy babies?  Did you have more than one child and if so, were their births any different from one another?