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When I go from a lying position to a sitting position, I have horrible pressure in the pelvic area all the way through my hips and into my back. Pretty much everywhere from just below my belly button down. What could this be?



I had a similar problem and I not only had pressure but I had pain as well.  Of course I have been sedentary for some time.  My doctor suggested that I begin a regime of exercise to strengthen my back muscles.  I did so and found that within two weeks my pressure and pain begain to go away.  My muscle were week and they needed strengthening.  As I continue this exercise I'm getting stronger and stronger. It was my fault to have such symptoms.  I had neglected exercise all together.  I must admit I'm lazy and most of my life I haven't exercised.  And, I guess it has now paided its toll.  So for all of you out there, get off your duff and get moving and you will feel a whole lot better for it.