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Hi, I'm female, and am 20 years old. I have a history of my Grandpa having colon(intestine?) cancer. Yesterday, i shitted at 10pm, soft poops(diarrhoe) came out, and with loads of blood, as if i was having my 1st day of menses. 2hrs later, after i had a meal, I felt like sh**ting again, so i tried but didnt constipate, jus normal trying to sh*t, there was again loads of blood(no stools). 

Next day, i went to the toilet, i tried to wipe my backside with tissue, i saw blood on it...but it was like around my anal(i suspect is when i fart, there is blood coming out as well, just that not alot).

Please help me, as i went to specialists before, they said it was rare for my age to get cancer. Hence, I wasn't arranged for a edoscopy check or other follow up to be done, just some Fybogel sachets to be taken...

Should I call an ambulance ? To go straight for the scopings or something?? 


I'm paranoid~ my anal doesn't feels good either, always felt like there is still stools after sh**ting.



Hello Michiiyo,

It's possible that you have irritable bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome.  The lining of your intestine may be ulcerated causing blood and cellular debris to end up in the lumen of your intestinal tract.  It's possible that you have gluten problems meaning you need to stay away from foods that contain gluten.  Your condition doesn't sound good so I suggest that you see another doctor as soon as possible.  When the intestinal wall is compromised for what ever reason, this allows bacteria and all kinds of toxins to get into your blood stream causing infections in other parts of your body.  I'm sure you feel very uncomfortable.  I wish the best of luck to you.