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i am a 34 yr old female,that has been bleeding from the rectum for about 5 months now----i dont have outside hemroids---and am not sure about inside i have been to the hospital 1 and it was so imbarrising for me---
the doctor did blood work i guess everything ws normal but asked me to see another doctor-------i didnt have the nerve to go see anyone else
i do sometimes eat spicy food,it doesnt burn or nothing when i have a bowel movement---no upset stomach---occasionally i do have some vomiting----its not alot blood thats in my bowels--and its bright red in color
almost look like when on menistration

what could be the cause of this

thanks alot



You need to see a specialist no matter how embarrassing this could be.

Are your stools bloody or you can only see bleeding when you wipe?

It could be serious if your stools are bloody, it could be indicating some kind of an intestinal or internal bleeding. If it is only visible upon wiping, it could be the hemorrhoids or anal fissure.

You better see a doctor again. I know I wouldn't be playing with it. Good like


I concure you need to see a gastro- specialist. bright red blood passing after stools usually is a sign of internal hemmeroids. A specialist will do a quick internal check (mild discomfort) he may also want you to have a colonoscopy.