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Salon formulas are prepared with more expensive ingredients, which is why the amount you pay is such a drastic difference from what you would pay for supermarket shampoo selections. But are these higher quality ingredients always necessary?
Walk into any drug store, grocery store or discount department store with the intention of purchasing a bottle of shampoo and you will find an overwhelming selection from which to choose from. The shelves are lined with several different brand names and each brand generally offers numerous varieties catering to different hair types. Now, step into a specialty store such as a beauty supply shop or hair salon and you will see a variety of brand name, salon quality products that are not generally found in the other stores.

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Many offer several various formulas for different hair types just as the less expensive brands offer. You will also notice a significant difference in the price.

Salon Shampoo

When hair care professionals works on your hair, they tend to be able to tell what type of hair you have, based on their training and their level of experience working with other clients. Needless to say, when a professional suggests a shampoo for your specific hair type, chances are that it will be the correct choice. For example, if you have only slightly dry hair that requires a mild shampoo, your hairdresser should be able to recommend the correct formula to meet the needs of your hair.

Salon formulas are prepared with more expensive ingredients, which is why the amount you pay is such a drastic difference from what you would pay for supermarket shampoo selections. There is no doubt that those salon formulas can pamper the hair quite a bit. However, if the wrong choice is made for your particular hair type, you may very well have spent a big chunk of money for some unsatisfactory results. The most important factor to consider when selecting any shampoo is if you are purchasing the correct formula for your hair type. Deciding if the end result of a salon formula shampoo is worth the expense is ultimately a personal choice.

Supermarket Shampoo

Most supermarkets carry several top shelf shampoo brands that offer superior quality to the other available brands in the store. These shampoos cost a bit more, based on the premise that they do a bit more. More often than not, these top shelf shampoos can make a good bit of a difference in the appearance of your hair. They will generally offer more of the ingredients that are known to pamper the hair and the manufacturer can therefore charge you more for the cost of the product.

Aside from the bottom shelf choices, the other available shampoos all fare pretty well when the correct formula for your hair has been selected. An average supermarket shampoo can work well to manage your hair, as long as you make sure you choose the proper formula for your hair type. Once you have decided what formula works best for your hair, experiment with different supermarket brands of the same formula. You may find that one brand works a bit better for your hair than another brand. Average supermarket shampoos may work best on hair that is normal in texture, and not processed or damaged.

Bottom shelf brands may be a perfectly acceptable shampoo for your hair, but keep in mind it may also send you right back to the store to purchase a better quality shampoo. The only way to know is to try it. Keep in mind that bottom shelf is not always an indication that the quality is inferior. It may be bottom on the shelf due to a discontinuation of the product or because it is an unknown or poorly selling item. In general, hair that is color-treated, processed or damaged will require better quality than what is available in bottom shelf brands.

Bargain brands may not necessarily be the cream of the crop when it comes to shampoo, but they may still be perfectly acceptable choices, especially for those with normal hair. Unless they are so watered down that they are unable to remove the dirt and oils on your scalp, they will more than likely still clean your hair. Generally, the main difference in bargain brands is the low end quality of the ingredients that are used to manufacture it and the amount of each ingredient that is used. Don’t be fooled into thinking that bargain shampoos are made by low quality companies. Often, you will find that the same manufacturer that makes a high quality shampoo also makes a bargain brand shampoo to appeal to all income levels.

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