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Ok well to start, im 18 years of age and had this problem for as far as i can remember. From a young age ive never been able to retract my foreskin. I recently started stretching by pulling down and it has yielded decent results. a few months ago i coudnt even see the head, and now i can (basically) fully retract it if i try hard enough(no pain).The problem is that even though im capable of doing this, my foreskin seems too tight and if left untouched for a while it will shrivel up at the tip and will go very tight again. I usually fix this by more stretching. the phimotic ring seems too wide and swolen to retract easily, as i have quite a long foreskin.


However whilst in the shower the other day, i fully retracted my penis and the foreskin got stuck under the glans. I panicked but resolved this quickly by pushing the glans down. No matter how much more i stretch, the "ring" seems to be too swolen to fully retract. I really dont want to go to a doctor, im just wondering if this can actually be fixed by frequent stretching as it doesnt seem to help.


its as if the foreskin is squeezing through the ring, its just too tight. Ive been trying to use my fingers to stretch the tip of the foreskin but it keeps returning to its original state and its really annoying. I really need help because i just want a normal foreskin that retracts properly.




Hi Guest,

Yes, keep stretching.  It can take some time for you to have the desired results.  You're getting close. 

You could talk to a urologist.  They can prescribe steroids to help you stretch.  No matter what, it takes time and some work on your part for you to be able to retract easily.  Don't give up and don't get frustrated.

Good luck.