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i am a heroin user and was wondering if i could inject it in my ass under the skin to avoid detection? Or is there any other places that arent noticeble wearing a tank top?


You should really try to stop, and in your ass will do nothing. But, to answer your question, it has to be a vein. I never went that route, I knew once I went there, theres no going back, and it just makes the addiction worse. But i have done it for people plenty of times. While painful, the veins in your feet (the tops, like the area towards the top in between your big toes. If you cannot find a vein, it's not going to work. It is a terrible habit, and will ruin your life. Honestly, look into Suboxone. It's saved many lives, including mine.


I don't have an answer to your question unfortunately and I know that no amount of telling you how bad this is will change your mind. i am a fellow opiate user (Rx Scripts Legally Obtained) and I understand that just quitting isn't really your main goal but please try to wean yourself off the drug or get a dr's help.

I know it's very dangerous to inject yourself with anything if you do not know 100% what you are doing and I don't want you to get hurt.

Please be safe, be smart and don't share needles or inject it anywhere where it may kill you within minutes (I believe I have heard in your neck and head can do that?)

I hope you can find a safe and smart way to get help and I wish the same for myself also. Good luck.


You dont have to shoot in a vein to get high and feel the effects of Heroin. What skin popping does is delay the rush and sudden relief from withdrawls your looking for. Most heroin has a lot of cut in it, even if your getting it directly from the importer, it comes that way. Their ar only three reason why someone would intentually skin pop heroin.
1. Because like you they dont know where to find the veins.
2. The keep missing their veins unintentually because they havent mastered shooting.
3. Or because the have used up all their veins.
Sadly,, those who shoot long enough will either die or arrive at this place.

No doubt you're very new at using heroin or you would already know where to find veins to shoot in so let me tell you a few facts. You;re only going to hide the tracks for so long. Will that stop you? No, you'll probably just quit wearing tank tops because the addiction will control you. Right now you're trying to control the situation but in your near future, you'll shoot in front of anyone and wont care anymore,, including mamma and daddy and sister and brother.. The pain of you with drawls will not care. You will become a master at lying, which you're already are working towards that by wanting to hide the fact your doing heroin.

Eventually all veins in the confined area your using will collapse, and this will not take very long. But as all good addicts do, you will adjust and find brand new veins that you didnt even know exsist.

Ive shot in my juggler's/neck vein so much that that they totally collapsed. Nothing left in my arms, hands, feet, front of my legs, back of my legs that I eventually went far below surface veins. But you'll probably die before that, so don't worry about the cosmetic thing.

That said, there are many veins all over your body, just google it..
I've known many women who use the large vein in their vagina.

Oh yeah, we definitely need to say this..
Skin popping will results in absessed areas, some of which you can end up in the hospital and high degrees of infection. not to mention aids and Hepatitis C which destroys your liver.

Theres only one solution to your real problem, quit.
Good luck on the journey you never wanted to take as a child growing up.
Your destined for misery.
With all my heart for you


Look if you have all your veins collapsed n i mean everywere arms neck feet legs hands fingers everywere theres a vein visible or barely visible like me i just skin pop in da muscle or just under skin. Ive been skin poppin barely for maybe 1 or 2 yrs n my arms n butt cheeks are all bumbed up i can barely skin pop anymore n plus i dnt got no veins n ive barely been shooting up like mayb 5 or 6 yrs but im 4rm da border n i shoot up heavily n i mean i got ... to make it rain but fuk dis dis aint no life!!! Now i dnt no were to iv were 2 skin pop bsides butt ch. Or arms??