In July 2015 I started to take an antiandrogen birth control pill. Two weeks later I felt strong pain in my legs and my wrists. At the same time I noticed that I suddenly got blue veins all on my arms, palm, chest, legs, belly and feet!  I've never had visible veins in these areas before. These veins don't stick out, they're just visible. And for the first time in my life I got big blue spider veins behind me knees. Nobody in my family has vein problems and I am not over weight. I always had fair skin but never visible veins. What happened to my body? I went to different doctors. The first two doctors told me that it is totally normal and nothing to be concerned off. I even got a duplex sonography and everything seemed to be fine. But the pain in my legs didn't stop and the veins became more and more noticable. A few weeks later another doctor detected an enlarged superificial vein (no reflux, vein valves are ok) in my left leg via a duplex sonography. She gave me compression stockings. But what about the veins in the other areas of my body? I still don't understand how two weeks of birth control pills could enlarge all the veins in my body forever. I am feeling desperate. It looks so ugly. I lool like a human road map.