So since around January '12 I've been getting a thick White Vaginal discharge with a foul odor. For the past month however, I've been getting bad pains below my breasts & above where I usually get period cramps every day. The discharge is thick, white with the occasional blue specks. it's occasionally lumpy & gets worse after sexual intercourse though it seems to slightly disappear during. I was sexually active since c. August '10. I'm 16 & only one of my sexual partners had sexual experience before me & he had previously caught a yeast infection The last time I had sex with him was end of November early December '11. he had cheated on me with 4 people within our 8 months of a sexual relationship. I tried first the pessary for a yeast infection in March to no avail & then tried the treatment with cream & 6 100mg pessaries. Each pessary got rejected from my vagina. the cream gave me a mild burning sensation while peeing but it did not go away or improve. Please help. <3