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okay im 15 and uncut. yesterday when i was taking a bath i pulled my foreskin back to clean it. i used soap to wash it then all of a sudden it started stinging like hell. i didn't know what was wrong, the tip of my penis is a lil red and the tip of my foreskin looked bigger then usual. i got off and changed then the feeling went away. just today when i was taking my bath i pulled my foreskin again to wash it but didn't use soap. i saw this big white of stuff stuck on the side of my penis. i tried washing it off but barely anything came off. then i saw the tip of my penis and foreskin red, and the fore sking looked a lil swollen. im pretty scared and dont know what to do and i dont know how im going to tell my parents. all i want to know is if this is going to go away and if its an infection, and would it ruin my sex life.

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