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I just have s couple questions. I have been seeing this guy for a while and I knew he smoked shard every once in a while but as time went on I got to see how often he was doing it.. It could be from 4-7 days a week. He says he has no sex drive which confuses me because I have read that they have a huge sex drive I know he has been using like this for over 8 years and I did promise I would help him try kick this habit because he said he wanted to stop but know it's getting to hard he goes missing for weeks at a time, starts to abuse me call me awful names at times has stolen from me everytime I have tried to walk away he promises me things will change but they never do. I care for this man but I just want to know if it's a hopekess situation or not and if they can really truly have feelings for someone or is it s matter of what I can do for him?


Hi Hopeless,

You can not help him kick this habit.  I realize your intentions are good but all you will end up doing is enabling him.  He, and only he alone, can decide if and when he wants help.

As you've found, he'll promise you the moon and never deliver.  He will continue to steal from you and call you names.  

Leave him.  Yes, it will hurt but it is for your own benefit.  If, after you've gone he realizes that he misses you then he can complete rehab before you take him back.  ONLY if he completes, not just says he will or starts, but COMPLETES should you take him back.

Lots of people have sexual problems from meth.  Many find sex while not on meth to be "boring."