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Hello, You know, I have had a number of blood tests done through years and I have never understood why we can't eat for 12 hours or more before we give a blood sample. I get so hungry and honestly I have been know to cheat. Does it really matter in terms of the tests they are doing. It just makes things so uncomfortable. Cant' they subtract that out or something. I mean I could just tell them what I ate and drank. Wouldn't that be enough? Can anyone explain this to me? I work long hours and often I'm hungry at night before I go to bed. The last thing I want to hear is that I can't eat or drink anything. Thanks.


Hello, I've had often wondered about fasting before a blood test. Some blood tests don't require fasting while others do. You know you have fast for cholesterol and sugar and stuff. It has always been difficult me too because I really want my cup of Joe with sugar in the morning so I can wake up. This is an absolute necessity. Is the medical community messing with us or is it absolutely necessary. Well, I checked on it and it turns out that depending what tests they are running it is absolutely necessary. The whole idea is to make sure you're not processing any foods that contribute to your overall sugar levels, cholesterol levels and iron levels. Oh, and I forget gamma-glutamyl transfersase which is an enzyme important for checking levels for liver disease. When you're eating stuff, the foods contribute to overall sugars, fats and proteins. What your doctor wants to see is what your liver is doing all on its own. In other words, how much sugar or cholesterol your liver is dumping into blood when you're not eating any of that. Over or under production of cholesterol and/or sugar by the liver indicates a disease state. Eating foods that contain sugar and/or cholesterol will raise you're overall blood levels essentially obscuring what your liver is doing.


The medical community has set up tests that can determine if you are diabetic based on fasting levels. So if you have a fasting BG level of 125, you would be considered diabetic and below this you might be considered pre-diabetic. A normal person could have a level of 125 after eating a donut and that would be normal. If you are at 125 and you haven't eaten, your levels are too high.