Hi all, After I had my gallbladder removed I began having the worse pain in my upper right side around my rib cage. It hurts also if you press on it. This has been going on for about 2 years now. Sometimes it starts in the middle and goes to the back. Along with it I feel so full even when I eat a little bit. When eat food usually does trigger the pain worse. I feel nauseous and my stomach movements are defiantly off track! I have had countless CT scans, Xrays, MRIS, endoscopes, and all they have found I have an extreme case of GERD but that shouldn't cause the pain. They have found that I have a low white blood cell counts from time to time. My PCP feels I should have ERCP but my GI specialist doesn't want to do anything else. Feels like there isn't anything else to do. I am not taking to the meds they are giving me. My Gi specialist basically told me I am in Chronic pain and I need to learn to live through the episodes and function. It isn't that easy. The pain is so much that it has almost made me faint. I am a strong person but not that strong. I am beginning to think is it possible that I have scare tissue in there? The doctor when he took the gallbladder out said it should have been taken out a long time ago and it was very scared. So is there scare tissue causing the pain? Would they not be able to see it in scans?