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Hello girls,

My husband is totally into Calorad protein. He gained a little weight during this winter, and he is feeling a bit insecure about it. So, all this time, he is in the gym, he is trying to change his lifestyle, but so far, nothing happened: / That is making him stressed, and I must say that we are fighting because of it.

Now, I want to help him, I do cook healthy food, because I need that as well. He is now on some business trip, and he asked me to buy him Calorad. He was explained to me which one, but I was in rush and I don’t know what he asked me :/

Can you tell me what means that Calorad is liquid protein weight loss supplement?



Hey there,

It means that it is liquid :D Good thing is that this weight loss supplement is for guys and girls as well. This one comes in a liquid form, and it is a diet product for weight loss. So, like liquid substance it can be really the best thing for your system, because the manufacturers are telling us that this one works even while you are sleeping. During the first 90 minutes of your sleep for a normal person, you can get the deepest sleep and longest duration of the sleep. And, you can lose weight as well. 



Hello everyone,

I am a guy and I must say that Calorad liquid protein weight loss supplement is the best thing that I have tried so far!

I was fat a lot before, and I started to use Calorad liquid protein. It is true everything up there, that is the reason that this is liquid protein weight loss supplement. Tell your husband that it is totally OK for him to use it as long as he combine it with some healthy diet program and good workout plan. It is amazing and it can work just fine if you follow main steps.

Good luck