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hi im writing this on my psp so dont blame spelling mistakes on me. im 15 yrs old and i havent had any signs of puberty at all. im starting to think i never will people hav already told me to be patient but watching my friends go through it without me is tough.PLEASE ANSWER I NEED UR HELP, THANK YOU.


You ask "will i ever hit puberty?" Yes, I have no doubt that you will!

The thing about puberty, is that there aren't really hard and fast rules for when it begins or ends -- everyone is a bit different. There are general patterns, though.

I'm guessing from the fact that you give your name as "owen" that you are a boy. For boys, puberty generally kicks in between the ages of 10 and 17, so you can see that there isn't necessarily anything wrong just because it hasn't started for you yet. It's true that in most cases, puberty begins around the age of 11 or 12, so it's not surprising that you are seeing your friends' bodies changing and I can understand that you are feeling a little "left behind".

Also, you say you haven't had any signs of puberty at all, but are you sure? Perhaps some things are going on that are associated with puberty, but you just didn't realise. The typical (but by no means fixed) order in which changes happen to boys during puberty goes like this:

1. Your testicles begin to grow.
2. Your penis begins to grow.
3. Pubic hair starts to grow around your genitals.
4. Hair starts to grow on other parts of your body, usually beginning under your arms; then facial hair starts to grow, usually beginning on your upper lip and sideburns.
5. Your voice starts to get deeper; in some cases gradually, in others "breaking" quite suddenly.
6. Throughout puberty, you go through a few "growth spurts", where your height increases quite suddenly and rapidly.

Perhaps you have seen signs of some of these things?

Many boys become self-conscious about their bodies during adolescence, especially when comparing themselves to their friends. In particular, they look at their friends' genitals, and worry if their penises seem smaller than everyone else's. This may be troubling you. If so, you should not worry. Some boys' penises grow and reach adult size quite quickly; others take longer. Boys who enter puberty later will usually end it later too, so whereas most boys' penises have reached adult size by the age of 15 or 16, the "late bloomers" may continue to grow until they are older. Some boys do not attain their full adult penis size until their late teens, and in rare cases, even as late as 20 or 21.

So I understand, it may be a drag that your friends seem to be growing up faster than you, but don't worry about it -- it'll happen for you too.

If you continue to be concerned, why not talk it over with your family doctor -- or perhaps there is a nurse or counsellor at school?

Hope this helps.


hi i am 14 and i only have little pubic hair i have a 2 inch penis when it has an erriction and no other signs ecept that im 5 foot 7 i have a bunch of friends with all of their penises about 6 inches to 12inches on erection and the one with the 12incher is 13 he is the same hight as me and his voice has cracked and has hair every where possible and i cant take being at this way any longer is there a way to make me hit puberty any faster way possible.