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My son who just turned 11 has I think has a long penis for his age.  He is 4’6 tall weighs 62lbs.  He’s small and thin, but his penis is like 6” long flacid and 6.75 erect, it is very thin not much bigger than his finger around but the glans is a little bigger.  He has been getting erections a lot lately and being small body and unusual penis it’s very noticeable.  His scrotum and Testicles are small like a child.  I think it is causing him to “play” with himself.  He also says other boys at pool and sleepovers talk about it.  He says it hurts when he has an erection cause it doesn’t have room in his jeans.  Should I take him to dr to see if he has a problem



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Your son does have a very long penis for his age it could still grow a lot yet.
They do come in all sizes it wouldn't hurt to take him to the doctor just to make sure everything is ok but it does just sound like he is well endowed and that really isn't a problem.
Understandable that when he is erect it is uncomfortable he is very long for 11.
His friends would be very curious about seeing him since there would be such a difference in penis size among them.
No doubt their curiosity leads to them experimenting with each other which is very common among boys their age.
Sounds like you are boy is a normal boy that just happens to have a very long penis.


Yes he admitted that there has been “sex play” among him and his friends. Mostly touching, some oral trying to keep open mind. Boys being curious boys


Yea being 11 it must seem way to young for him and his friends to be involved in sex play already.
It might be time for the puberty talk if you haven't had it with him.
Same sex experimenting is something a lot of boys do and for some it can go on well into their teens.
Sounds like your son is a normal growing boy with natural curiosities he just happens to be well developed for his age.


Thank you. Yes with him having a small scrotum (loose dangly, but small and last time at dr the dr told me he was size 2 both Testicles they are no bigger now. He has told me he wakes up at night and is wet not a lot a little in his underwear. He shows no signs of puberty no voice change to hair, but could he be having “wet dreams” at 11 without showing puberty signs. He says he feels he needs to masturbate more too. Had a little talk with him and got him 2 books for boys about puberty.


“No pubic hair”.


It could be a bit of discharge from being erect with no signs of puberty could it be he is having trouble holding his pee all night.
Seems like at 11 with no signs of puberty a wet dream is unlikely unless it is a pre-cum.
Frequent erections and masturbating could be signs that he is just about to start puberty.
If he has dry orgasms when he masturbates you would think he would not be having a wet dream.


Yes he has dry orgasams, but he is leaking pre he says sometimes it’s a lot and he says it drips and oozes out when he’s erect


Sounds like he is just starting puberty then.
He no doubt will start showing more signs of puberty in the near future.
It seems young to be starting puberty but it is pretty common now for some to develop so early.
He seems to understand the changes he is experiencing and among his friends he is comfortable with the things he does.
Really sounds like there is nothing to be concerned about maybe just getting use to his early development and some of things he is doing will take some time.


Yes so far decided to let him be, if he is ok an enjoying and his friends are too justlet it happen. Okay with the nudity and play so far, will have to be open if it goes further. After reading posts here it probably will, will see how i feel then. Some play toward that direction has started will haveto wait and see


My son was quite long at that age also. I was concerned at first but there is nothing wrong him. He's 15 now and is 7.5 to 8 inches when erect. He also has a long foreskin which makes it look even longer. Does your son's foreskin retract without any problem? That can be more of a problem.


It retacts ok but is very long. And the part after the foreskin tapers to a small tip


If his foreskin retracts ok then he shouldn't have any problems. The long foreskin will accommodate erections.


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He sounds like a normal curious 11 year old that's just starting puberty and I would say probably in the next few months he will start to grow a few strands of pubic hair around the base of his penis and on his scrotum, as he enters more into puberty he will notice his penis will start to fill out more his festivals will swell more and his scrotum will hang lower and it's perfectly normal for one testicle to hang lower than the other, at what age did you first notice his penis was abnormally long?
The wetness he is waking up with is almost certainly precum what is happening with the night time erections and nothing to be concerned about, his foreskin sounds fine and he is a lucky boy if he can retract it fully already when flaccid and erect as a lot of guys still have problems in there 20s doing that, even though the penis can grow in length into the early 20 for late bloomers I would think he has probably reached his maximum length already, foreskins can come in many different lengths some being so short the automatically retract during erection to expose the complete the complete glands while others only retract enough to only see tip of the glands and the urethra while others are so long they expose nothing when erect.

Here is the list of tanner stages during puberty and what to expect at what age range.

The five stages of puberty are called the tanner scale and consist of the following.

Stage 1
(approximately between the ages of 9 and 12)

So what can you expect with the first of the stages of puberty in boys?

The first changes that will happen to your son are hidden as they are happening deep inside his body. The body will start to release hormones that will trigger the changes to start happening. The main hormone for boys is testosterone. It will begin to surge in your son’s body, causing his testicles to grow and make sperm, but no changes can yet be seen outside his body.

No changes can yet be seen outside his body, other than some growth of the scrotum and testicles. Some boys may have a growth spurt, and some may start to grow very fine hairs in the pubic area.

Stage 2
(approximately between 9 and 14)

So what can you expect with the second of the stages of puberty in boys?

Your son’s testicles will continue to slowly grow, with one testicle now beginning to hang lower than the other. His scrotum will also hang lower, becoming darker in colour, thinner and less smooth. His penis will remain unchanged. It may grow slightly larger, but usually there is little or no change at all. He may start to have erections more frequently, but he still isn’t ejaculating.

Fine hair may begin to grow at the base of the penis and scrotum. These first hairs are usually long, slightly pigmented (colored) and straight or slightly curly. It is normal for some boys not to grow hair just yet.

Your son will start to grow taller and the shape of his body will begin to change. Before he grows taller, his feet and hands will usually have a growth spurt of their own. Your son will also gain weight as he starts to develop muscle, and as his bones grow bigger.

Stage 3
(approximately between 11 and 16)

So what can you expect with the third of the stages of puberty in boys?

Your son’s testicles and scrotum will continue to grow. Sperm production may begin for some, but not all, boys, i.e. ejaculation. Boys usually discover this during masturbation, or they might wake up in the morning with wet pants after a wet dream (nocturnal emission). His penis will start to grow. It will grow longer, rather than wider. Erections will be a lot more common than before, often at the wrong time, or in the wrong place.

Some boys may only now be starting to develop pubic hair. It will become darker, thicker and curlier, and start to cover a much wider area. Hair will continue to grow on his legs and underarms.

It can be common for boys to experience short-term swelling and tenderness around the nipples. As their shoulders grow wider, this breast tissue will flatten, usually disappearing within one or two years.

Your son’s body will still be growing, and gaining weight and height. Sweat and oil glands will become more active, which can result in acne. Body odor is here to stay. His voice will begin to crack as the voice box gets larger.

Stage 4
(approximately from 11 to 17)

So what can you expect with the fourth of the stages of puberty in boys?

Your son’s testicles and scrotum will continue to grow, with the skin continuing to darken. Boys will now begin to produce sperm, which means that wet dreams (nocturnal emissions) may start to happen, and they will ejaculate with masturbation and sexual arousal. Not all boys will have wet dreams (either is normal).

His penis will become thicker and longer. Pubic hair continues to grow as well as on his legs and underarms. Facial hair will start to grow on his face, usually on the upper lip, chin and near the ears.

Your son’s skin may become oily, especially around the chin, nose, forehead, chest and/or back. Some boys may develop acne or pimples. His hair is also more likely to become oily too. His voice will continue to crack at times and deepen.

Your son will keep on gaining weight and growing taller.

Stage 5
(approximately between 14 and 18)

So what can you expect with the fifth and last of the stages of puberty in boys?

This is the last stage of changes. Your son will now reach his full height and will look like a young adult. His pubic hair will now cover his groin, and possibly even his inner thighs. His genitals will now be fully grown and will look the same as those of an adult man. Your son will now need to shave, as his facial hair continues to grow. Some boys will begin to grow chest hair.

Hope this helps.


Thank you
I think he is just in tannervstage 2. His scotum is longer and dangles but his testicles are still very small. He has erections a lot, i have let him sleepnand go nude in the apt. Also have told him its ok to masturbate but not to sneek and do it. Just say he needs sone time and take care of his. Eed. He is wetting the bed a little but inthinknits after a wet dream and the bladder muscle releases too, he does make pre and he seems to produce a fluid inside his foreskin keeping it very wet inside of it. He has ejaculated semen yet but gets very inrense dry not including the pre orgasms. He is very curious about girls but more so right noiw about other boys.