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I went to see a dentist for hypersensitive problem.  He said a crown would solve my problem. Few days after the crown, my hypersensitive appear and worse with upper and lower teeth having a throbbing sensation and sensitive too. Went back to the same dentist and he said another crown would solve the problem. As he is a professional, i trusted him. This went on and on until the fifth crown he said i need to do a root canal. While drilling the five teeth to prepare for the crown i suffered excruciating pain even after the jab and the dentist thought i was pretending. He referred me to an Endodontic. The Endodontic diagnose and took and x-ray and he said all i need is just one root canal and one crown to solve my problem.  The endodontic gave me a jab and after awhile he started to do the root canal without a slightest pain. After the root canal was over, my whole problem was solved. I went back to the same dentist for the crown. The dentist gave me the sixth crown free. Is it he realise his mistake for the four unccessary crown  and out of compassion and guilt he gave me the no. sixth crown free? Why is the dentist so different from the Endodontic? When the Endodontic can solve my problem with just one root canal but the dentist make me end up with five crown but still could not solve my problem.

Waiting patiently for your reply.

Thank you.


Obviously the dentist made a big mistake.