Woman pretended to have liver cancer and took in about $20,000 from fundraisers to pay for her fictitious treatments, authorities said.
Jean Anne Allen, 36, was arraigned Thursday, after police discovered she pretended to have liver cancer and took in about $20,000 from fundraisers to pay for her “treatment”.

She is now facing up to five years in prison if convicted of fraud. The hearing is set for May 8th.

Her friends were heartbroken when Jean Anne Allen told them she had only six months to live but they were even more hurt when they realized it was a lie and that their friend tricked them. She notified her friends that she had been diagnosed with liver cancer for the third time and that part of her liver had been removed earlier. They organized a spaghetti-supper fundraiser for her last year to collect money for chemotherapy to treat a recurrence of liver cancer. They even sold some items to help Allen. Classmates of Allen's children collected coins and donated them to the cause. The total sum raised was at least $20,000, but investigators suspect there may be more funds still undocumented.

A good friend even went further, beyond money and was willing to donate part of her liver to Allen. As she kept postponing the donations, some of the other friends started asking questions. They found that Allen had been married to two men at the same time and when checking her bank account, the money was found to have been withdrawn.

Investigators found no history of cancer in Allen's medical records but an attorney Ken Hotchkiss is doing his own research as he believes his client does have a history of cancer and a number of serious and significant medical issues.

Allen was charged with receiving money under false pretenses but she pleaded not guilty and is out on bond pending a preliminary exam.