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Hi. I'm trying to lose 10lbs. I've cut sugar, bread and pastry from my diet. I mostly eat veggies, chicken, yogurt, low fat cheeses and fruit snacks. I've lost 2lbs in 1 month and then nothing. I left out dinner as well, but I can't go to bed hungry. Also, fruit snacks don't work. I can't sleep until I eat proper food. What should I eat dinner? It should be light but I must feel full after eating it. Please advise. Thanks


Hi. You don't have to skip your dinner. There is plenty of healthy meals that will keep you full without affecting your diet. I usually start dinner with green salad. It's low in calories, it contains fiber and it cuts overall calorie intake. After salad I usually have protein-rich foods, such as beef, pork, chicken or fish, with low-fat dairy and one slice of whole-wheat bread. You should avoid having carbohydrates and fats for your dinner. Also, avoid sugar, especially before be when your sugar levels spike. If you can't resist sweets, you can have a small treat for a dessert, but not more than one nibble.