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Hi everyone

I love the idea of Sureslim weight loss program. I like the system where they take your blood sample even thought I have a terrible fear of needles. I love everything about it, I’m just scared that I won’t be able to obey the restrictions when it comes to food. I really enjoy eating and I eat a wide variety of foods (and all kinds of snacks).

I know they make special program for every person but I suppose that there are similar restrictions for everybody. Does somebody happen to know what would they be? What foods will I need to avoid?


Hello Mellisa8

I wouldn’t know to tell you what to avoid but I think I can give you some advices about easy meals and groceries that aren’t heavy for stomach or bowels, and that are very easy to digest.

 First of all, avoid every food made in oil or one which contains a lot of fats.

Second, choose white meat (chicken, turkey and sea fishes) but just cooked. Avoid fat meat as pork. You shouldn’t stop eating meat totally, because you need proteins but you can choose only white, as I said before.

And finally, drink as much low fat yogurt as you can. This fermented milk product is great for losing weight. 



Aidan1,  I’m not sure you understood the question. :) Mellisa8 asked about Sureslim program and that is not quite the same as your, I must admit, logical health eating habits. Even though I would totally recommend your way of eating to regular people who want to eat and live healthy, people on Sureslim program should consider some other things that doctors recommend us to pay attention to.  

For example, they should avoid white rice. o.O I know, pretty strange isn’t it? I’ve once been on a diet that included eating rice all the time.

And there are also white potatoes. You shouldn’t eat them too.

Hope I helped.   



Aristotle40, you are right. I know it's a bit strange but white rice is considered a bad carb. It has less fiber than brown rice so it would make you feel hungry way faster than you would be if you ate brown rice. And white potatoes are absorbed very quickly, so you'll be full for a very short period of time. For sureslim, foods that are absorbed more slowly are better.
You also want to avoid maple syrup. Yes, it’s perfect to eat with pancakes but it contains a lot of sugar so it is also considered as a bad carb.


That's right.

One may assume maple syrup is not very desirable if you want to lose weight. I was very surprised when I heard rice is on the restricted list.:)

Also, I forgot to mention, watermelons.

You should avoid them too. Even though they're full of water and don't look like the enemies of diets, they are enemies of sureslim program. Since fruit is very healthy, you can replace watermelons with cherries or grapefruit.

One more thing that you will want to avoid are soft drinks.  They are toxic and bad for you and your health. And as you may know, diet soft drinks are not at all better for you.