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I wanted to share my Herbalife Weight Loss experience with others. There was such a huge fuss about if the Herbalife is fraud. I chose Herbalife and I have to admit I am feeling on top of the world. I have lost the excess weight, shaped up my body, and my skin is shinning I have lots of energy. So, I can say that is not fraud.


Thanks, but fraud or not I really can’t afford any extra money a week to lose weight.
I have decided to do it cold turkey; you know eat proper low fat, controlled meals at correct times, no snacking in between. You figured out if I am not snacking I will also save a bit of money. My best friend went on a completely natural nutrition program and she lost 10kgs in 10 weeks.


Hi there,
I will agree here with Imelda, I think that Herbalife Weight Loss is very good option if you want to lose weight. The good this is that it regulates your metabolism and you don’t have all the minerals and the vitamins you need. However I would also suggest at least three day per week of exercise along with Herbalife for even better results. How much is Herbalife? Have you used it already and it would be good to share some personal experience. I think that Herbalife is very popular now days and many people are using it. I hope this has helped you in any way.
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iv used herbalife and have lost 50 lbs and actually i have saved on food costs alllot because im not eating crappy food all the time. and eating out we spend about 200 a month me and my wife would spend half that eating a big meal at a good retraunt 


If it is a fraud, it's one of the longest living ones in the world: it's been around for 32 years and is in 83 countries. 

Which, of course, means that 83 countries have agreed that it's not a fraud.

I can't speak for the cost in other countries. But in the US, where I live, at the retail price of about $40 (that includes the shipping and taxes) for a canister that makes 30 shakes, one meal is less than $2, if you mix it with skim milk and about 1/2 cup of fruit.

That's pretty cheap, for all that nutrition. 


Herbal Life is not a FRAUD

it actually works, and to the people that say it doesnt work, then maybe you guys arent doing it right or havent had the patience to even use it properly.

Herbal Life is amazing, i dont know what i would do without the shake and nutritions. i have lost alot of weight, and my skin is amazing, i never get acne and i have so much more energy!




Hi..I have just started it. I lost 7lbs first month.. and i m so excited :). But my question is after loosing the excess weight, wht happens if i stop using product.?? Reply..



It depends on what YOU do if you stop using the product.

If you go back to eating the way you did before, you'll gain back all your weight. Maybe some more, if you lost a lot, because you'll have lost a lot of fat and some muscle, and you will gain back all fat, most likely.

If you discuss with your coach what a healthy maintenance diet looks like for someone with your needs, you can maintain indefinitely. I still use the shakes after almost 12 years, because they're a cheap way, both money and calorie costwise, to get good nutrition.


You wont gain the weight back if you eat healthy. Herbailfe helps you lose weight, but also get your nutritional life in order. once you learn to eat healthy, as long as you continue to eat healthy you will stay thin and be healthy.  If you eat c**p you'll look like c**p.


I lost 20 lbs in a couple months, went from a 10 to a size 2 and kept it off.  My husband lost 60 lbs and 35 inches, my mom lost over 60 lbs, my friends lost lots of weight too. Their supplements are great also, helped my friend with her stress using the "relax now", and a friend who couldnt sleep well, sleep better with "Sleep now".  All their stuff is great.  I'm getting ready to do their FITNESS program now, which has great nutrition products, as well as a DVD series (which i was wondering when they'd make one of those, glad they did).


No herbalife is not a fraud. It's a legitimate business, in fact they're the #1 health and nutrition company in the world since 1980 and theyre #1 in weight loss success (long term).  Dont believe the lies the 'haters' post on the internet. those who didnt follow the (SIMPLE) program, eat healthy, and change their eatin habits - didnt get results.  Those who 'tried' the business but dint get rich quick werent in it for a Business (which it is, your own business, which your responsible for growing and being successful). It's not a get rich quick scheme. It's a legitmiate business, like a franchise.  There is one guy out there spending millions to try and get people thinking Herbalife is not good, but here's an update for you on that 

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I have started a Herbal life program , as i came across a distributor.

I tried Afresh  + Shakes as an break fast option , and started feeling more healthy and energetic.

Since i was 30 pounds overweight , i started their weight loss program.

I have 2 shakes , one for breakfast , and one for dinner.

And a normal meal in afternoon.

They had taken a reading of my muscle / fats contents etc prior.

Also i have tablets of fiber / multivitamin etc as additional.

Surprisingly next reading , increased my muscle mass from 24%  to 29%.

However all fats ( subcutaneous / visceral and body ) increased by 2 %.

And my net weight decreased by 1 pound.

Also my net monthly cost for this program comes to 120 usd.

Seems i will finish my monthly course , and check before proceeding for next month.

So far no side effects.



Hi everyone

I completed one month and this is my and my wife's experience.

We lost only 300 gms of weight initially , however we started Gym and cardio , and a diet program.
We were continuing with Herbal Life shakes in lunch and dinner.

At end of month , our weights dropped by 3 and 2 kgs each.
So my inference is the weight drop is due to Gym and Cardio and can't count Herbal Life in this.

When i confronted the distributor over this , as expected he started showing photos of other ppl who lost weight.
He started telling me how some ppl are resistant to weight loss and all such stuff.
I also realized that all people who were shown to me as having lost weight , were part of his distribution team.
And they immediately vouch for him.
This is very clever tactics from their part.

Finally he asked me whether at least i felt good after having this.
And if my previous supplies were over.
And i should wait for few months , and then I will get this results.

I can't say anything further than this.

My conclusion is Herbalife shakes are simply a meal replacement product.

Since there is an obesity epidemic in World , this is a gimmick to earn easy money.
Best way to lose weight is by Exercise and a Dietician consultation.