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The internet is full of great reviews of juice fasting recently and I have read many blogs from people who have made excellent weight loss progress through juice fasting. I do want to give juice fasting a chance as well, but it looks like it is not without its side effects! If you have ever done a juice fast, can you describe the whole process and the side effects of juice fasting, please?


Hello danieta1476,

I haven't done many juice fasts but I have done the lemonade diet.  This is a special  of lemon juice and honey primarily.  You do nothing but drink this concoction 6 to 8 times a day in small amounts.  That's all you can have for anywhere for 1 week to a month.  The diet has been around for decades and is backed by some doctors.  The recipe is on the Internet, just do a search for Lemonade diet.  This diet is really meant for detox and cleans your entire system well.  Then you can go back on regular food.  You use this diet when you think you need to do a whole body cleanse.  I found that it works for me, so you might want to try it.  Good Luck.