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Hi. I have a niece that is over weighted. Nobody in the family notices that anymore and they don’t really care much.

When she was little they always though she will lose her pounds in her puberty, when she reached puberty it was-after she finishes high school, and now, they just got used to the fact that she is obese.

I am worried about her health, she is too young to be having such weight problems.

I talked to her about Calorie shifting diet and she said she would like to try it.

Before of that, I need to know can there be any negative effects from following this diet?


Hi there

Here is information for you -

There are always new weight-loss diets out there—or old ones dressed up as new—and one of the biggest recent fads is “calorie-shifting” plans. Proponents promise rapid and easy weight loss, which is always a warning sign, and cite theories and research that may sound convincing. Here’s a look behind the hype. 

A fundamental problem with crash diets is that when you drastically cut calories for more than a few days, your body compensates by lowering the rate at which you burn calories when at rest (its basal metabolic rate), which makes it hard to keep losing weight and then even harder to keep the lost pounds from returning. Calorie-shifting diets alternate calorie intakes—and sometimes types of food—from day to day. Their advocates claim this tricks the body into not adapting to the reduced calorie intake so that your metabolic rate won’t drop.

The diets offer a variety of calorie roller coasters. The Every Other Day Diet and the QOD Diet (a medical acronym for “every other day”) alternate days of normal eating and days of nearly fasting—just 300 to 500 calories a day. The UpDayDownDay Diet calls for eating no more than 500 calories on “down” days and all you want on the “up” days during the induction phase. The latest entry is a British import called The Fast Diet, which involves eating just one-quarter of your normal daily calories (500 to 600 calories) two days a week.

Some calorie-shifting diets involve complicated patterns—say, 1,300 calories on Monday, 2,000 on Tuesday, 800 on Wednesday, 1,800 on Thursday and so on. Fat Loss 4 Idiots maps out your up and down days via a software program. Some, like the Intermittent Fasting Diet, require total fasting on some days.

The explanations presented for the diets vary as much as the eating patterns. Some say the diet works by affecting hormones (such as insulin) involved with fat storage, or by activating genes that boost fat burning. Others say the secret is to limit hunger to single days, rather than prolong it for weeks. Some claim the diet won’t cause loss of muscle—another problem with crash diets—and will actually speed up metabolism. Proponents make general health claims, too, that the diets can help prevent chronic diseases by reducing inflammation, blood cholesterol and free radicals. Still others say the fasting days “cleanse” your body of toxins, which is nonsensical. Or that semi-starvation diets can prolong your life.

So far, there is no convincing evidence to support most of the theories, and none demonstrating any of the diets’ long-term safety and effectiveness.

May suggest that your enlist your niece with a gym and under the care of a trainer who can help her shed weight in a planned manner. In the meanwhile ask her to eat a well balanced diet. Crash dieting has a yoyo effect and she might gain unnecessary weight later. Good luck



Hi. I am familiar with this diet because my sister used to follow it.

 I read a couple of articles about it and nobody said anything about its side effects. I also read lots of customer’s reviews and I didn’t notice any complaints. So I guess there are no side effects when it comes to this diet, of course if you follow it properly.


If you make some enormous differences between two daily calorie intakes (for example- you take 1600 calories one day and 400 the next), you will of course encounter some stomach pain since you will be lacking calories the second day.


Besides that, there shouldn’t be any problems.



Thanks a lot to both of you for your comments. I am very satisfied with the replies. I really didn’t know a lot about these types of diets.

Aushi I see you are very informed and I can’t express how much I appreciate your reply. It actually sounded suspicious to me when I read that they promise rapid weight loss, that never means healthy weight loss too. But I also heard about those alleged benefits you mentioned and it sounded good.

Maybe you are right, it’s not a bad idea to get her a trainer. But a personal one since there is no way I could make her go to the gym on her own. 



Welcome. Get her in a gym