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Hello Sir, I am 25 year old, male. I am in need of help. I always undergo mind instabilty. I cant decide and not able to move forward life.
When I was 18 I had a crush on this class-mate of mine but it turned out to be one sided. I did tattooed her name and did all kinds of idiotic stuff. But I was rejected.
I was in great depression and had a change of college after 2years studyin there. Later my second crush also turned out to be one sided.. I did express my feelngs and was in vain.. I had documented everythin in a dairy.. Bt it was useless..
Again after that my degree ended with lots of backlogs and I joined a bPO AND i HAD gone into severe depression and tried of ending my life.. But it all has got over now..
I still havenot been in any two way relatioshps.. Now I am perfectly fine and happy ad sometimes I get these flashback memories..
Deep inside somwhere I fel to get into a relationship bt I feel scared what if I get hurt again.. What if I be rejected again?
Bcoz of all this i mind I cant concentrate on career.... I am happy now and I always keep a smiley face, bt I am not able to move forward as I distrust everyone outside home...
Also I hav a big doubt that what if I gt a girl who has had a past and is not a virgin..
Then that will seriosly hurt my emotions..

I am a very emo person.. I did indulge myself in practsing martial arts/kick boxin and guitar stuff..
 Bt I am nt able to get these thoughts outta my mind..
What should be done? I don get any sort of feelings in me now! I feel my heart has becom a barren land..



It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Love is the greatest feeling a heart and soul can ever feel in their lives. Love fills the heart with happiness and joy, good feelings and security. Don't give up, because you just haven't found the right girl yet. If you truly love someone, and them to you, their past and yours shouldn't matter to either of you. I wish you luck on your quest of love, you can always try eharmony :-) I met my husband on yahoo.. I'm from the US and he's from Pakistan.. A truly unique love story that you can achieve through openness and kindness.


Hi there. I'm 24 years of age...lets see whats going on here.
I did the emo thing for a was a great form of natural expression for me. It helped with trying to visualize to others what I was experiencing inside, those enraging, twisted emotions that you just couldn't explain by using common words. 

Since then I've progressed and I've found other means of coping with my frustrated consciousness...and since then, I've had a far more social and sexualized life-style than I ever did during my "dark phase". Do you know why? Because many people can't relate. They may have experienced similar forms of pain to you in the past, but have chosen to deal with that pain in a different way. 

You say you distrust anyone outside of home? The most likely explanation is that you've been hurt before by others in the past, and to protect yourself from more subconsciously create a barrier between yourself and others, so that you won't have to experience that pain again. 

See this was my problem. I was angered by my feelings so I chose to cave myself in and create my own world that I could live in, protecting myself. That is a problem. Why? Because up until now, I never DEALT with my emotions in a healthy manner, and therefore never knew how to cope with them.....and only when we learn how to COPE with what we're FEELING...only then can we move forward and carry on our lives. 

If you never learn how to cope with what you're feeling...and if this problem (rejection) arises again, then you'll most likely deal with it the same way you've always dealt with it, hence you'll never be able to progress. People can easily pick up on low self esteem and changes their opinion of that be for better or worse.

Treat every experience with a NEW mind set...don't dwell on the f**ks us up, trust me I know this. Girls like guys who are self-assured and confident. Once you know and love yourself...then others will catch onto that and start loving you as you are!

Hope this helps in some way,